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Aug 18, 2010
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I bought last week a new laptop with windows 7. I have installed several programs including malwarebytes. I did an antivirus check this morning and found 2 viruses associated with malwarebytes software. I told my avast to deleted the 2 files. Suddenly now I cannot access the internet using firefox and internet explorer. What have I done! I don't know the names of the 2 files that were deleted. Also my laptop will not do a system restore to an earlier point - it keeps coming up with an error message.
Please can someone help - I'm desperate now!
did you buy a win 7 disk or create a back up disk when you got the laptop?

If so i would advise saving whatever you have put on it that you want to keep and reformatting, if not i would get back to where you purchased it and ask them about back up disks, as you might get viruses over the lifetime of the lappy and it's always wise to have disks to restore it to original condition.
Hi again,
the directory the files were deleted from was C:\.....Temporary internet files\content.IE5\9PDHHOCZI\nezgb[2]
the other one was the same, only that it was .....content.IE5\9PDHHOCZI\pgaiqxwq[1].
Hope this may help!!
Just before you reinstall then:

Are Avast and MWB able to update? (ie are they able to access the internet?) If not, can they in "safe mode with networking"?

Go to start > type devmgmt.msc > look for the Network adapters entry (expand the drop down in needed), check for yellow triangles? If there are you need to reinstall you network adapter.

Also try download Advanced SystemCare Free to a USB drive, install it to your laptop and run a full scan.
theres also a possibility that m avast has given a false positive on malware bytes, did you download malware bytes from the proper website? if so i`d be tempted to think that malware bytes is at fault.

you say you have 3 system restore disks? did they come with the laptop? are they numbered? you never said thats all.
If you deleted them from tem internet files it should not have effected web browers. Sounds like your copy of avast is infected.