BIOS/UEFI Dell Latitude 3520 admin password bios reset problem


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Aug 2, 2007
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The missus has been given a works laptop by her boss a Latitude 3520.
It was used by an ex employer who left Windows locked so she said I can use it if I can get in pass Windows locked.

Me thinking simple Hirens usb, change windows password done & dusted I then went to change boot order to Hirens usb but it's the bios is admin locked

I've then gone inside the machine and removed the CMOS for 20mins. Do I have to remove a jumper as well ?. I've searched for 2 hours and I can't figure out were the F this jumper is I need to remove.
Anyone know we're the jumper is on a Latitude 3520 jumper is so I can clear the bios
I tried CMOS unplugged no joy still locked. I have a code on the Admin Unlock code can you pay get it unlocked online anywere ?
Not sure if this may help.


There are sites that offer unlocking codes for a fee, if you do a web search.
There are some sellers on Fleabay offering the code reset service method. This route may have.more buyer protection than a random Web site. Also, see there are sellers on there offering a replacement Bios chip.
It generated about 6 codes I tried them with or without ctrl + enter none worked.its looking like bios chip removal job. There's companies on eBay who do it. I wonder if they'd just program it, I've no problem lifting the chip relaying
Could go to dell website and say you got it from a car boot sale and ask ?

Or if the person you got it form has proof of purchase ask Dell

If you lift the chip you still need a programmer and software to do this
Just to let people know I did get it the bios unlocked via a guy online who charged me £54. I sent him the admin bios lock code and he sent me a long password and hey presto. I know I could have gone down the route of lifting the chip then buying a new one pre flashed but it wasn't worth the hassle