delete channels keep cuming back


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Dec 8, 2005
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hi all i done a rescan on my box 2 get the sky movies back. i put them into my fav. then i go and delite the ones that are in the movie sec. [the old ones that askes for a pin. thats fine. but when i delete all the crap channels i dont want out of my unsorted bit. when irestarted my box all the channels i just deleted are back. please can someone help. do i need to edit the service file on the pc or what?> thanks gsim
Read PT-1's helpfile look under software, myservices
ok i'll have a look thanks.

had a quick look. not to sure what to look for thow. i just wanna delete some of the channels in the [outhers sec and the unsorted sec ] do i download the bouquetter editer and try and do it that way or what. as i am not sure about [ my services files as well. do i just leave it and edit the bouque then put it back over vir the ftp? thanks gsim
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you can delete channels from 'others section' but don't think u can delete channels from the 'unsorted section' - u may be able to hide this section.

Also turn off background scan, that should stop channels coming back
use bouquet wizard its PC based clear and easy to use, works a treat