DBOX2 SATELLITE IMAGE / services and bouquet etc........Help !


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Nov 17, 2005
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Could someone let me know where to get the best most reliable files to allow me to get satellite channels on my DBOX2 - Is it possible to get Sky channels

Need urgently if possible, If no Sky - Is it worth keeping, should I just sell it ?

There are over 1000 free to air and decrypted satellite channels for you to watch. It all depends on what satellite you point your dish at.

You CANT get uk sky digital channels... their scrambling system is not hacked. If you need a satellite image, use the "liams enigmaX newcamd 2xI" image I have just posted. Then do a scan for channels.

Ta, how do I get that, Sorry Im new here. If you could point me in the right direction, or take me by the hand even - Cheers
Download THIS image... its a satellite image that will decrypt quite a few channels:


Follow this guide upto the point where you flash an image to the box. The guide is based on the cable version of the dbox but the procedure is the same:

Once the image has been flashed to the box then just use the on-screen menus on your TV to scan for channels - simple as that.
Just convert it using "JFFS2 Image Works" software in the downloads section.

Dbox command centre seems to be missing "comctl32.ocx" file on startup
rw5340 said:
Dbox command centre seems to be missing "comctl32.ocx" file on startup

OK, try using another method then. For example, FTP...
Even with the files; some users still experience problems with the software. I recommend using FTP to do the work if you cant get dbox command centre to work - it saves alot of hassle in the long run.
All this information is very useful. keep up the good work
This information might be held elsewhere -but what satellite would be a good one to point to then rather than the astra ones? I can get a satellite strength guide - but wondered how to point it to the right one with just a compass?
Can you use card sharing on a sat dbox? I have heard this is availible if you connect your box to the net. Thought it might be bullshit. But the rumours are getting rife!
Card sharing is available on both Dreambox and DBOX2... but dont ask me how to set it up...
You'll first need to find someone who already has a dreambox/dbox2 and is willing to share their original, 'paid for' subscription details with you.

Might be best to ask JIMMYQ about this as he has experience with a sat dbox2 :)
Or you can just go out and buy an old manual version of the multicam for around €20.

This will work with UK Sat Pay TV Provider Cards and even an old Card that has no longer a subscription works like a freesat card.

Or an external phoenix cardreader on the serial connection of the DBox