dbox2 - sagem - nokia - avia500 - avia600


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Nov 28, 2004
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dOES IT MATTER WHICH DBOX YOU USE? (sorry about the caps:)

I've seen nokia + sagem dbox2 plus in the nokia i've noticed Avia 500 & Avia 600 chipsets.

Does anyone know the difference/best/why? thanks
There dosent seem much difference in them all, ppl just seem to have there own preferences, you can read one post and that person will swear the sagem 1x are the best and someone else will say nokia 2x and so on, i have had a nokia 2x and a sagem 1x and i found no difference.
cheers for that, what about the dbox1 verses dbox2. I just did a search for dbox1 on this site and only one person seemed to have one.
Any ideas? There seem to be so many choices that i'm crapping myself b4 i part with my money lol
dbox1 - dont get it. can be hard to program if you dont know what ur doing, and very limited support imo. they are nowhere near as flexible as the dbox2.

dbox1 is the old generation.
derekwd said:
i have had a nokia 2x and a sagem 1x and i found no difference.

Sorry to be a pain derekwd but i just need to check this out seeing you have both boxes...

swtiching channels... nokia and sagem, same speed?

epg... i've heard nokia has best epg (but this was also comparing with a eurovox & a fta101)

back of boxes... do both have audio optical out & phono audio out?

thanks m8

I have 2 nokia 2X and 2 sagem 2X and speed wise they are both the same, the main difference is with the new web interface

I can stream with the nokias using ucode 0014 with no problems but the sagems only like to work with 001a and this doesn't like to stream to the web server.

On my daughters feed with a nokia I get no signal problems but either of the 2 sagems need a booster.

I would still favour sagems purely on price difference.

Have Fun


streaming to a pc is something I'd like, so it looks like the nokia dbox2 is the one. (haven't got a clue what ucode 0014 or 001a is lol)

I'd love to find out about the epg, if it's a 1day or 7day epg or if anyone knows where i can get a screenshot of it.

but thanks for all your help
As ellie 1998 said no diff speed wise,the epg on fta 101 and eurovox is rubbish this is from a few ppl that have them on another forum not even close to the dbox,in fact as one person put it the epg is vertualy none existant on fta 101 and eurovox and is very hit & miss.

it is only a 1 day epg on dbox at present but because it has great support and is allways bieng improved who knows in the future.
both nokia and sagem have optical and phono audio out.
as far has streeming to pc i have had no problem with any box.

I said streaming, it is only in the new web interface that I have a problem.

Direct to the pc is ok with both nokia and sagem

It maybe a setup thing but when a nokia with an identical image except for ucode works and a sagem doesn't it is easy to blame the ucode, If I could be bothered I could change to 0014 on the sagem and test but I won't :)

Have Fun

Well I took the plunge and went for a sagem.

from uk so should get it by weds

big thanks to everyone for the advice

(I'll have to look into the streaming thing because I thought that you only could stream to the PC, so still don't know exactly what your talking about. hehe) can't wait till weds

peace out