DBox2 & Power Cut?


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Dec 31, 2006
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DBox2 working fine, then it started to rain, then had a power cut!

DBox2 reboots - Channels not available now. Waited a while, had a look at the error rate and it looked way too high to me.

Decided to update to Commando 7.5 (from 6.0) whilst I was waiting for my DBox2 to leap into life again. All went well, but still poor signal strength, heres the values:

BER 260000 (very high)
SNR 41000 (vey low)
Sig 39000
Bitrate 0

Any ideas anybody?

hi m8
had same problem a few months back after a power cut it turned out to be a cc fault even the sub boxes went off fault on the line outside cc had to come and repair it.
cheers johny48
Thanks Johny, just wanted reassurance that I wasn’t being an ass. Just took a stroll to the paper shop and back, saw some workmen packing up their van. Came in, tried the DBox2 – sorted!

And a big Hurrah! for Commando 7.5 as well – love the new theme colours.

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