Dbox2 on a 2nd TV



Can anyone give me the lowdown on putting the Dbox2 on a 2nd TV, I have a Nokia 2 Intel chip box, I've put a F Female coax adapter in the TV/VCR coax output on a N#T white coax cable with a F Male Coax to the TV with no joy:lsabre:
I already have it connected to TV No1 with a scart cable. Thanks for your help..
The RF plugs on the DBOX are loop-through only and will not produce a signal on a second TV. One way to do it is to use a second scart lead in the other scart socket; but that would require a large length of cable, depending on where the 2nd TV is based.

An alternative is to buy a video sender, but there are few that work. You could also stream to (for example) a TFT flatscreen PC monitor and use that as the 2nd TV. Or you could just buy a new box...
u could feed the dbox into the vcr us the RF out from the VCR into a splitter than just run a cable to tv1 and tv2 .. u will have the same image on both tvs thou but should work.
I have a Digisender connected to my Sagem which works just fine although their not cheap especially if you want to have remote control access.
that is the way i have the dbox connected but i run the scart through the original pace box first then into the video then out of the video to tv

so that the kids can watch the original pace box upstairs while we watch the dbox either upstairs or downstairs
Hollow, could you explain how you connect it through the Pace box first, there is no cable pass thru only RF on mine, is that what u are talking about, or have I missed something, thanks