dbox2 need urgent help on bootlog and flas log


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Feb 22, 2006
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ok having problems flashing image onto dbox2 all network is ok cable used is null and cross

the images flashes the box starts and frees at sporters screen

the the screen on the dbox goes blank i know dbox is on though

i post 2 logs can some1 look at them and tell me what is going on

been using dbox boot manager

i got the box with kien system on it manage to flash sportsatr onto it but boots as far as the sports screen

no used ifa yet but look like a h/w fault.
Having same symptoms and probs with a box too...mgb could u check bootlog and let me know if it same fault plz.....

thx in advance
It looks more like something is wrong with the cpu. The display is also not working.
you are correct when u say the display is not workin....guess i will keep it for parts as it was only a freebie from a m8...thanks for the info Mgb
The avia500.ux is missing inside the image with that bootlog and without driver for the avia500 you get no error messages from a dead avia500 chip.
so what do i do now can you point me in the right direction

or is it all over
You can try to replace the c-cube avia500 chip if you are able to do smd soldering. Maybe the RAM assigned to the avia chip is faulty and have to be replaced.
at mgb

would this ram show up in bootlog as faulty or will it show the avia chip falty even if the ram is

just to ask wher is the ram chip near power supply or below avia chip
The 4 ram chips below the c-cube avia 500 are the avia ram.
The bootlog messages tell you only there is a fault in that area but not exactly if avia chip or RAM.