Dbox Ram

mrbanana said:
How do you check the amount of ram in your dbox?

depends on the image in next-gen its under scripts

if its the new image i uploaded today its press blue then2 for sysinfo

mrbanana said:
Thanks. Where do you look in Neutrino?

what image is it - sportster - next-gen - zgore - boxcracker - mailman

you need to know or just search the menu look for ram or scripts or sysinfo

This has got to be the easiest way to check how much memory a DBOX has:
Firstly, turn on the box, and you get this screen:


Look at the digits at the bottom right corner.

32: Internal RAM
00: External RAM
08: Flash memory

Although it doesnt tell you how much memory is free, it does tell you
the memory configurations of your box.

Here we have 32MB of Internal RAM, and an 8MB Flash memory.
Other examples are 16/16/08 and 16/00/08.
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Thanks Liam. Appreciate it.

Gav, sorry if I was being vague with my question. I just thought there might be a generic way of finding out the info and didn't think it would be image specific.

So I take it Neutrino is the linux distro used by all of the different images: sportster, next gen, etc, a bit like Debian comes in a number of flavours like Ubuntu (my current favourite), Knoppix, and Mepis, etc.