dbox image info required


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Nov 8, 2005
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Hi All

Received an image from a friend who isn't that clued up on dbox's but he's obtained the so called latest image but he's unable to tell me if its a x1 or x2 or anything else .
the image is called mtd3.img -- does anyone know what this image is
I have a sagem x2 which thanks to this forums help is running ok on sportster 1.7+ uk05 but i does have a scan problem but i get all epg / channels with the right service files and was debating flashing with this image which apparently doen't need a scan !

Theres no way to tell what this image is just by the filename - mtd3.img is the default image filename for a backup image.

Best thing to do I think is to download ImageWorks Image Converter (in english) and open the file in that program. It will then tell you what type it is (for example: "1x flash NO bootloader" - which is a 1x image).

Then, if the image is the wrong type then you can simply convert it using that same program, instructions are included in the download.

When you say: "this image apparently doesnt need a scan" then it sounds like it is de_deej's Sportster Pro 1.02 (rc016) image which is the most recent image available on this site.