DBox 2 just started reusing since Sky Change


Jan 27, 2007
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Hi people, I have just plugged in my dbox 2 after not using for few weeks and eeek everythings changed. Can anyone help with getting the newly named sky movie channels and I cant remember if we get Prem plus or not. I know it sounds very newbie its embarrasing I know..

I currently have commando 6 on thanks..
just have a read thru previous posts over the last few weeks mate, as alot of the movie channels have changed etc.
Just do a service scan, that should pick up all the new channels.
Hi , thanks for all replies have read other posts regarding this but wondered are they all pin protected now and does anyone know if can get premplus still or at all.

Thanks for help.
If you do a scan all the channels will come back. None have gone forever (except Sky One, Sky Sports News, Sky News & Sky Travel) just moved frequencies.