Darkman's patch 11.11.05 [TM1500Ci ONLY]

Good work guys :)

i have moved the files to the download pages to make things tidier but put a link into your roiginal posts ;)

Anything for the Technomate 5500CIP+ yet?
its been ages since i lost some channels on my box which other Technomates are watching ie canal 18 etc on 30*W, any reasons? or is this the only Technomate that can't be patched with the darkman's patches?
older style technomates cant be patched with Darkmans patches and are not so easy to patch. There will possibly be updates available for older receivers like the 5500CIP+ but because they are not so stable and can easily cause busted receivers its very much recommended to not patch. You are best to have a cam like the dragon, but i think you have that dont you Clive?

Anyway, thanks to Chrome and also to Ramraider its good to see you helping out regular, it doesnt matter who gets files on here, it matters that you are here helping and sharing when you have time. Me and Digidude much appreciate all the help.

Thanks very much Chrome for helping with the listings too while i was away. Good luck ppl. :)