Darkman update for 1000 series 25/11


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Aug 8, 2001
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fix some problems for this thre models 1000series


1500 with digitalb and faster opening for some channles when you puchn the keys

1600 is ok with the previous s/w
Pink Helmets, I've used all 3 of the updates (Nov 05) and there is no recognisable difference in scanning for non-Super TM's for me. Maybe I'm using the wrong options to run my tests.

The 'Super's' , have hardware to increase the blind scanning features, whereas the standard 1000 series uses software. The space available for this coding is only 1MB, which has all the keys/transponders/games/fixes etc contained.

Taking a wild guess, I would imagine the source code for these updates are in C+ and then encrypted before they are published. So the author would have to be extremely competent/confident that a software scan would be faster, when they have added all these extras.
the new speeds in the official technomate is faster between sats, meant to move the motor as fast as a 36v actuator

havent tried it myself yet though lol
ROFL.............I thougtht the update was for faster searching, not driving the motor LOL
yep the new official firmware has improvements, including extra games, so i wonder when Darkman will introduce the new firmware as the basis for the new patched firmware. I guess we wont notice speed improvements so its a matter of looking for the extra games :).
ill try it out see if it does actually move the dish faster as ive read this elsewhere too