Dark_alex working on new PSP 3.30 OE


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Mar 16, 2005
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This was taken from PSPUPDATES...

WARNING: Too good to be true report coming right up. Now, as much as we ourselves are almost jumping for joy, we also can't help but remain a tiny, little bit skeptical about it all. After all, it's April Fool's and we all know that the internet gets flooded with jokes, gags and hoaxes at this time of the year. Anyway, we may all want to just take this with a grain of salt for now, until DAX himself lets everyone know that he is indeed working his magic again on FW 3.30, or until 3.30 O-E actually shows up. However, we ARE crossing our fingers... on with the report!

PSP icon - Image 1When we string together Dark_Alex, 3.30, and O-Es, we can only only imagine the smiles this will be putting on the reader's faces as they add these words up. Yup - PSPgen has just reported that DA has supposedly announced that 3.30 OE is coming soon.

It will be noted that this news comes in shortly after Team C D's release of a firmware decrypter for v3.30. DA is reportedly using their decrypter to get working on on this new release, although he's only begun. The good news is that DA has commented it won't take too long to complete the work - expect a new custom firmware to be up and about soon.

There are no other details at the moment, except that this new firmware is expected to be larger than 3.10 - so have the proper amount of space ready, and hope for the best. Stay posted in case we pick up further details on this breaking news

Can't wait to see it available.

cheers for the info Bro cant wait to c what dark Alex and co come up with for the 3.30oe custom firmware
regards biffo
i cant wait to see what he comes out with,i hope he sorts something out so u can change the xmb icons coz u couldnt in 3.10oe so i redowngraded to 3.03oe-c so i could play with my icons again because i was getting bored and know it looks cool again lol
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