Damn Non Cable Areas!


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Feb 25, 2007
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I've been happilly living at my parents house using Cable broadband since the days of 512kbps @ £24.99 (Damn, that was a long time ago!) Since then I have got married, wife had a baby girl and not forgetting the speed upgrades! ;)

So anyway, life goes on and living in 1 room in a packed house of 8 is not so comfortable, hence, I'm gonna be moving out on rent come the end of this month... In to a Non-Cable Area! So, I have to go down the dredded route of ADSL, and I can't even get Cable TV so, I'm gonna have to shell out extortionate prices for Sky! Anyway, it seems a BT phone line is an enevitability. However, who should I turn to for ADSL. Ironically, Virgin Media seem to have a decent offer for Non Cable customers, offering "Upto 8Mbps" ADSL and Free Nationwide Calls for £20 a month. However, I'm worried about the "Upto 8Mbps" this could mean anything from 512kbps - 8Mbps.

Not only am I looking for a good deal, but also, for good customer service. My collegues have had absolute nightmares with BT and Talk Talk (Like going for months without Internet). So they are a no no. Also, I am a heavy user, so Unlimited Downloads at High Speeds are a must. I was interested by Bethere.co.uk, but again it is "Upto 24Mbps". I'd also like to use my own ADSL Wireless Router if possible. I may go and buy a decent Linksys.

Any recommendations?
well iv was with tiscali for a while but only got 2.3 megs and they hit me with there fair use policy etc, so i migrated to vigin media adsl and guess what i? i get a full 7 meg connection and its unlimited but beware they also have a fair use piolicy but not to sure if there hot on it
The ADSL broadband options are only ever 'upto' X-Mbps, because it depends on your distance from the exchange and the quality of your phone line (note that legally anything above 128kbps can be advertised as broadband!).

Anyway there aren't many unlimited packages about these days, most of them disappeared a few years back when kazza was popular. They are slowly comming back with 'Web 2.0' (e.g. IPTV and other streaming media) but most have fair use policies.

I know you've said BT is not a company you want to go with but their option 3 customers now have unlimited downloads with no fair use policy and 'free' access to Giganews' European servers. Well, I say 'free', but option 3 costs £27.99 a month!!! (Options 1 + 2 also have newsgroup access, but arn't unlimited).

Having said that, torrent speeds seem to be 'shaped' (i.e. priority is given to other data packets). And I've yet to get speeds of more than 120kbps on newsgroups (although I'm currently thinking its an issue with my router rather than the line, BT or Giganews).

I know Sly are advertising their package as unlimited, but as far as I am aware there is a peak-time (usually 4pm-midnight) fair use policy.
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Well, I went to see the flat at 5pm yesterday, just before the agent closed and told him I would call this morning. So I did, just after they opened at 9:30am and told him I would come to see him after work to place the deposit. He tells me someone else has agreed to pay a higher rent and already placed the deposit.

Bloody hell, I knew the property buying sector was cut throat, but damn, I didn't know that renting was just as bad. Looks like it's back to the drawing board!

Either way, thanks for your help guys, a lot of my friends in non cable areas have asked me the same question (about ADSL), so it's good to know the options.