Dabberwatchers predictions results

Welshboy Taffy

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Mar 13, 2005
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Heres the results

and once again we have 2 new leaders
Taffy :flock:
Falkirk Bairn "scotflag"
and has the end of the season draws near the title can be anyones.

Edit :sorry about the mistakes it should be all accurate now.
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I also have 84 not 74. Got a big shock when i saw 84 but i counted up and it should be 84.
well done Taffy and Falkirk Bairn:Clap: :Clap:
i'm right behind yous and still goin for the double

thanks to Taffy for the work again
Well done Taffy and Falkirk Bairn! so who chooses the teams next week then?
well done to the leaders and thanks for the predictions guys , i have left it a bit late to have any chance now but will keep going
regards biffo