d box 2 >>> noob


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Nov 11, 2005
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Erm ,, hi ppl , i have d box probs :nopity:
i've had a reet good look thru the posts on this informative site ,
can't find a solution tho ....
i've had a d box for 3 days
i plugged , scanned and viewed ,no probs , 200 + channels for the first 2 days
now i only get 5 channels ..
i tried to put the channels in order in boquets .. eg .. movies .. terrestrial .. sport.. etc ...
Is there a way to restore my d box/boquet settings to how i recieved it using the remote .... plzzzzzzzzzz

i have sportster 1.7+ uk05 , in debug mode :nopity: :nopity:
just do another scan m8 but this time do a backup of your services.xml that way you have something to fall back on m8


i have done service scan loads of times but nothing changes :STIG:
yup ........ pi**ed off ...
does the d in d box stand for dead ????
in boquets set it to update existing and fast scan off m8

thanks gav , do i need to connect to pc to back up , scans find all channels but only a few show t.v picture , soz to be a pain
Yes you need to connect to pc to backup, as you have to put it on your pc hard drive to save it for future use, allthough if you are still only showing a few channels there is something else wrong , is it the image that was on the box when you got it, if so then there most likely be files missing that you need.
if it is image that was on box when you got it then easiest way is to re-flash with an image off here.
ok m8 , thanks for your help , will look into , never flashed before tho , i'll get me some cables , and a tut , ty again :)