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Cycling fans?

Discussion in 'Sport in General' started by PieterDerdeyn, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. PieterDerdeyn

    PieterDerdeyn New Member

    Just wondering if there are Cycling fans here. And if also you ride yourself?

    I ride roadbike and mountainbike...
  2. moonmullins

    moonmullins New Member

    Hi I have a road bike nothing fancy but I ride for different foundations.
  3. Oily

    Oily VIP Member

    I ride my Boardman hybrid and my F8 Dogma(only when it's sunny:Biggrin2:)
  4. fnealon

    fnealon New Member

    Beautiful machine the F8
    How do you find the hybrid?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I ride a Kuota Kyron Disc for leisure - very comfy machine
  5. Oily

    Oily VIP Member

    The hybrid is brilliant,cant fault it
  6. gasman

    gasman VIP Member


    Ready to smash my back wheel on the orange line at Gisburn forest.
  7. srgberian

    srgberian VIP Member

    I no the difference between a red and green traffic light,so i drive a car :)

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