Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A for PSVita 1.81 is out


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Mar 20, 2007
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Broxburn, Scotland
I'm not posting any download links but i'm sure you can find it if you look properly ;)

CFE 6.60 TN : a Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A for PSVita 1.81 with Urbanix Exploit by Total_Noob has been released. Short version is that it is very early stages but allows something of the PSP custom firmware capabilities on the PS Vita (note not a custom firmware for the Vita but the ability to do much of what the PSP with a custom firmware can do).

* Possibility to load unsigned homebrews and modules.
* Possibility to load plugins (NPEZ00176/GAME.TXT, NPEZ00176/POPS.TXT).
* Possibility to play ISO/CSO with March33 and Sony NP9660 driver.
* Possibility to get back to TNMenu by holding the START BUTTON for some seconds.
* "CEF" renames "EBOOT.PBP" to "FBOOT.PBP".
* Protects you from removing license files. If these files get removed, you have to download the game from PSN Store again.
So you may lose "CEF" for Urbanix, if the game already has been removed.

- Instructions

* At first you go straight to the PSN Store and DOWNLOAD URBANIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
You're lucky if you already own this mini/if the mini hasn't been removed yet.
* Extract the "NPEZ00176" folder to "PSSAVEDATA" and copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA.
* Launch Urbanix game and after the savedata loading the screen should be flashed WHITE, before it automatically starts "TNMenu 0.1".

- About "Custom Emulator Firmware "CEF" 6.60 TN-A"
Actually it isn't correct to call it "CEF 6.60 TN-A", because the kernel is always 6.60, but changes are within the PSVita Firmware. But anyways, it doesn't matter how the CFW is called.
--This "CEF" does NOT have anything to configure yet. All configurations of the previous Custom Firmwares are not available, as they are not useful for "CEF".
--It DOES NOT support PSX. By emulating 6.60 pops modules I get PSX working, but there is no sound, so better let it be.

- About "TNMenu 0.1"
This menu is developed with OSLib. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, so it may have some bugs.

* /\ to delete a file.
* X to install a homebrew, or to load a homebrew/game. (by pressing R TRIGGER you load backup in march33 mode, else in sony np9660 mode)
* Arrows to move.

Prepare homebrews:
* Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: "FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/THISISAHOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBP".
* "FILENAME.ZIP" can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
* Save the archives all in the "NPEZ00176" folder.

Install ISO/CSO:
You cannot copy ISO/CSO with TNMenu yet. In the next version I'll add this feature.
* Prepare and install PSPFiler 6.6.
* Copy/Move the backup file to "ms0:/ISO/" with PSPFiler.
* Play it from TNMenu.

- Donation
If you want to spend me some snacks and drinks, you can donate me: https://www.paypal.c...tton_id=8158859
Thank you

- Bug reports
* Can anybody please LEAD A CLEAN thread (best if he is moderator) somewhere on a forum, where users can write their questions, requests, bug reports and etc:)
So I have got a better overview than if everybody is mailing me.

- Some informations
* This "CEF" IS NOT ripped off from Coldbird's CFW. If you want to know something, I gave my "CEF" to a very important person from the PSP scene a long time before and this very "trusted" person sent my "CEF" to Coldbird. Coldbird naturally reversed my trick of using own modules (f0-kd-systemctrl.prx, etc). Thumbs up to this very important person.
Anyways it doesn't matter, I just wanted to tell you

* The kernel exploit does only exist on Emulator Firmware. That's why "Tony" released the flash0 dump, doesn't he?

* The source code will be released after a new PSVita Firmware release.

- Credits
* Dark_AleX, author of Custom Firmware: Thank you master for your impressive work, I always admired you
* Thanks to the guy who found Urbanix Exploit.
* Coldbird for "his" kxploit.
will i be able to use the vita online if use cfw