Cricket England v South Africa

its a must win game for both teames i think althuogh i would like england to win
you have to look at the reality and i think south africa are a much better team and will win
I think South Africa were a World Cup winning team until they lost to Bangladesh, since then I think they have had a severe dent to their confidence. Ponting said England were the only team Aussies nearly lost to so I reckon England should win easily.
well i hope england does it now...
this is the crunch time of the tournament and a win here will go a long way

come on peiterson..
i think England might just win, they've been well below par and i think this game might bring out the best in them. They are more than capable. Just a matter of performing on the day, which the dont seem to be doing.

Anyway COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
Once again they are playing this as if it was a 5 day test match, every dot ball counts and they were about 9 off 7 overs. Thank goodness vaughan is out, boring as hell, they need to take the fight to SA not let almost every ball pass them and play no shot.

Hope they give themselves a shake.
i dont think we can count on freddie, his bowling has been good but batting is shocking, we need collingwood to have a really good game. starus is doing ok. we just need to up the run rate a bit. worse comes to the worse nixen will bail us out of trouble.
watching england bat in an odi is the equivelant to watching a slug tryin to get off ur front steps b4 someone stands on it........!

too many people brickin emselves and doing nothing- 8 down now for next to nothing!

they are down and out im afraid (barring a miracle)
here goes our world cup campaign...
154 all out..pathetic display..

gotta take something extraordinary to win here
After 6 overs Eng were 7-0 and SA were 54-0

What an embarrassment, Eng are being shown how to plau ODI.

Did Vaughan think the rules for the powerplays were reversed, suppose to score boundries during powerplays.

One good thing for the tournament though is Eng are going home, it is painful to watch them playing, they scrapped past the 2nd rate teams and got whalloped by the better teams.
And so Sa have done the gracious thing and put Eng out of their misery in less than 20 overs.

Pity they didnt need another 20, I would have liked to see if Smith had went for the fastest ODI 100, he only needed another 11 from 6 balls.

Surely Eng will at last swing the bat in the last meaningless match against the Windies.

R.I.P English cricket
england TOTALLY demolished. Grame Smith was totally mocking England with that baseball stance and outrageous shot selection... a SWEET timer of the ball, if only the bowlers were swinging!
I won't blame bowlers i blame the BATSMEN lack of consistency only decent player is Kevin Pietersen Rest are shite.

English cricket needs a major reshuffle as does the football team totally shit.

Football very talented individuals who can't play and

In cricket just shite

Bring young attacking players in.
Vaughan needs to be out of the ODI team. He has done NOTHING. Most arrogant guy ever too. Personally don't see the Panesar hype too, I could bowl more legspin variation then he ever could, lol.