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Jun 14, 2005
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Dumbarton or Wellingborough
wtf is all this?
used to be 5gb per day that accumulated if you never used it.
now it 99 "rapids" per month for 30gb pluss more "rapids" per gb if you go over :err:
**** you, i'm off to hotfile

rapids :thumbdown:
i don't understand why ppl use likes of rapidshare etc with newsgroups out there.

i would rather pay a newsgroup provider summit like $11pm and get anything i want. not ever had any issue with not finding what i want and speeds are solid.

now with rss and like of sabnzb i just set up my tv shows etc and it i dnt even have to do anything, it leeches, unpacks and gets rid of the rars etc all ready just to watch.
me thinks rapidshare is dead -- most uploaders have moved away and the few goodies on rapidshare have been deleted . I wonder how much income rapidshare will lose with this stupid idea -- hotfile seems the favourite atm but looking for a cheap reliable newsgroup provider also .
is this a better way than newsgroups?

short answer no. With ridicules retention times offered by most usenet providers, full speed downloads and indexing sites usenet is probably the best service out there for downloads.

rapidshare is useful if you want to share with a couple of people instead of everyone. and sometimes you can find obsure stuff on there.
I have had a rapidshare account for 3 years now.
I will not be renewing again.
I have had a rapidshare account for 3 years now.
I will not be renewing again.

snap, i just let it lapse, and they are bombarding me with emails about how many rapids i have until my files will be deleted. i have no files stored on thier servers!
ive moved over to megaupload now, truely unlimited and with lifetime membership i dont ever have to pay again to get my premium stuff.
I've noticed the slide too, even the free service is wank used to be megaupload that was awful but currently they've got a really good free service and I had no problems the last time I took out a sub with them.

I would be curious to know why hotfile would be the the apparent new king though....