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Jul 22, 2005
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sorry if the title is missleading ..... but i just wanted to put an idear to the more clever people on this forum. it may or may not of been mentioned before.

anyway heres my idear ..... theres a program called cmfirm and this is used for cable modems to upgrade or downgrade there firmware . for example every now and then the cable company will send out a signal to update your modems firmware. so in some cases were people want to uncapp they would need to down grade there firmware ... so they would use this cmfirm and get a friend on the same network to send the older firmware back to there modem thus downgrading the updated firmware. now im thinking that the cable companys mite use the same method to upgrade the digi tv boxs ... so would it be possible to mod cmfirm to upgrade or downgrade the digi tv;s firmware example cr3.2 to cr4.12 or vice versa .... im thinking that maybe you could connect a network crossover cable from your computer to ethernet on the digi box and possible upgrade downgrade .... but i havent got the equipment and to be honest im not clever enough anyway ..... but maybe someone out there is.... and my idear mite give them an idear ... who knows ... its more likely that im pissing into the wind on this one .
CM firm

CM firm ok idea is there where do we or i obtain this program called cmfirm

Just ad the other thaught i dont think its possible when u av cut the talkback u lose interactive services so u wud lose ur connection to the boxes enthernet link
true but cable companys send the firmware update out to everyones box they dont do it by sending it to each box like for instance each box has its own mac addy and that program cmfirm only requires you put the mac addy of the box to were your sending it . and your computer will be the tftp server hosting the file that is to be sent .... so it may be possible to reconect talkback and send new firmware to the box ...... but the sticky bit is that im not even sure its possible ... but im sure someone out there who knows alot more than i do about digi boxs would know if its possible. as im a total n00b i was just trying to brainstorm .... lol ...... you never know it may or may not be possible .... but it makes sence to me that they would use the same type of method to upgrade the firmware on both cable modems and digi boxs. but i may be wrong

anyway heres the link to that prog and a few otheres.
also another thought ... is you could put the box on stream and input the mac addy into cmfirm and hit start and see if it sends the firmware to the cable box .... if that dosent work you could try it on stream with talkback reanabled and try again you would know if it worked as you would see the cable box reboot..... i dont know what the firmware file that gets sent to the cable box looks like but it cant be much diffrent than the one that is sent to cable modems ... so there should be no reason why cmfirm cant send the file to the box ..... if this is possible then just imagine if you could send it cr1 firmware then you would be able to get ird and box key useing libby ..... its got to be worth looking into ........ maybe someone could give it a try ... and then post back on what happens...... also on the cmfirm program i think the community string would be public ... as thats what it is on cable modems
anyone know why the 4000dvb has a snap clip were it says bypass ... and what does it bypass you must connect somethink to it .... and the words bypass mean exacly what they say so whats it bypassing and what do you connect upto the 3 pin connecter. you must be able to input something via that bypass port.