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May 28, 2005
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stoke on trent
hi can anyone tell me how to print a cover out of the covers downloads section, as i cant seem to get them to print the size i want, wot am i doing wrong, etc, cheers for any help.
I use Nero Cover Designer which is part of the Nero 6 package.

Its a case of copying the jpeg onto a template and it auto sizes them for you.

There are probably a load of freeware progs out there that will do the same if you don't have Nero. :)
i,ve got nero and roughly know how to use it but i cant seem to get the image to open up like i normally do when printing covers for dvd's, i am trying to save , send to , etc but nothing works, i am trying to open , save , copy but to no avail from digital downloads cover site
try a google search for cd cover printing software, may turn up something
you dont understand , i can do all my covers for music through nero , i just can't download, save, sent to, etc , and then open it up in nero, so i can resize it and print it, i just want to know how how to do it from the cover download site so i can open and then print in nero , hope i've been clear enough as i struugle to put into words wot i mean sometimes
lol if you right click on the image and select save as...simple as that.