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Couple More


DW Joke King
Oct 3, 2007
Once there were two twins, Joe and John.

Joe was the owner of a dilapidated old boat, which sank the same day that John's wife died.

A few days later, a kindly old woman saw Joe and mistook him for John.

"I'm sorry to hear about your loss. You must just feel terrible."

"Hell, no! In fact, I'm sort of glad to be rid of her.

She was a rotten old thing right from the beginning.

Her bottom was all shriveled up and she smelled like old dead fish.

She was always losing her water,

she had a bad crack in the back and a pretty big hole in the front too.

Every time I used her, her hole got bigger and she leaked like crazy.

I guess what finally finished her off was when I rented her to these four guys looking for a good time.

I warned them that she wasn't very good, but they wanted to use her anyhow.

The fools tried to get in her all at once and she split right up the middle."


Danny Dumps.

This is a segment from a Yorkshire morning radio show.

A cheating girlfriend gets dumped live on air.



Inactive User
Dec 19, 2006
PMSL, Keep 'em coming!

I've heard that Danny Dump before, it's still absolutely hilarious!!!:banana::banana: