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copyrite protection crap


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Dec 26, 2005
Mate owns a small sweet shop got a phone call today from kirsty anne moffit copyright protection office asked did he listen to the radio in the shop he said yes has a small portable radio for the staff to listen to she said that he needed a licence as he was in breach of copyright and performing arts rights said that it would cost the same as a restraunt 450 quid a year asked why and she said that the customers could listen to the radio as well and thats why he needed the licence i thought it was a wind up call but gave him a reference number and phone number to call to confirm it 08700553260 it is a call centre think this is just pathetic way of making more money what next have to have a licence to listen to a cd player thru earphones if its played to loud bloody joke
anyway thats my rant over lol and thought i would share with you guys :grab:
Mar 13, 2005
the rules & regulation for this country are getting beyond a joke if you want to listen to a radio in you work area you should not have to pay what you mate should do is get the radio station he listen to involved and some of there regulars maybe write a letter to a local paper and see what happens.