CD & DVD Converting Bin Movie File ?


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Jul 25, 2001
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I have a movie thats in bin/cue file format, its nearly 800mb in size, so therefore its too big to burn straight onto a normal 700mb cd.

Anyway, iam trying to convert it to dvd format and just stick it on a dvd.

Problem is, ive tried to do this using about 6 different converting programs that sometimes will do this sort of thing, but with this one none of the programs are even looking at it, I add in the bin file and then the programs stop responding and i gotta quit the program, iam sure you guys know what I mean.

Question is, does anyone know of any programs that like doing this sort of thing, converting a movie thats in bin file to dvd format ???

the movie works fine viewing on desktop screen.
use a programme called VCD Gear to convery the Bin/Cue file to MPEG then u can convert the MPEG to dvd ;)
There's a program called Daemon'll get it from This creates a virtual CDROM and allows you to mount the .bin file onto it. You can then see whats inside the file and even play the movie using windows media player.

It's also good for games and application that come in .bin files...saves you having to burn them to disk to install them. You can just disable the virtual drive when you're finished.
Rat said:
use a programme called VCD Gear to convery the Bin/Cue file to MPEG then u can convert the MPEG to dvd ;)
cheers guys for all your inputs :)

i ended up trying the first option that rat posted which was "vcdgear", it worked a treat :)
THanks guys :)

BUT, when i created the dvd using one of my dvd creating programs it didnt have chapters, how do i create the chapters, should that be done when using vcdgear or the dvd creator program ? the program i used to create and burn the dvd is super dvd creator 8.5....maybe i should have used another dvd creator program that would have automatically put in the chapters, eh ???
try winavi video converter
open the proggy select dvd then point to the mpeg file or avi file you want to convert to dvd
click on advanced you can then select to save the dvd as ntsc or pal normal or widescreen and also set the chapter lenth and it will sort it all out for you and save the dvd as 2 folders video_ts and audio_ts all the files you need will be in video_ts
open up nero select dvd video and then open up the video_ts file drop all the contents into your new compilation directory and burn
i use this proggy quite a lot and it works well and is very simple to use
there are better ones out there but for now i would have a play with that

but remember you may have to join the mpeg files or divx files into one file first if it was in 2 parts :)

forgot to mention its fairly quick too takes about 30 mins to convert to dvd which isnt to bad