connecting router with modded modem


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Oct 6, 2005
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hi peeps...have a subbed modem connected to the pc downstairs and i'am using a modded modem on my laptop in the bedroom. want to go wireless with the laptop as their r cable wires all over the place. want to leave the subbed modem with the pc as it do i go about going wireless with the modded modem????.....can anyone reccomend a router to do the job????
hi mate , i bought a peak wireless router from my local pc shop 36 quid worked a treat
right this is what u do .on your wirles router u will have 1 Wan port and usually 4 Lan ports , you connect 1 ethernet cable to ur modem the other end of it goes in your wan port , then u connect ur main pc to any of the 4 Lan ports on your router .Then unplug your router and modem let them come on .once on and main pc is working , u can then turn on ur wireless on your laptop or pc , go to network connects which can be found in control panel open it , you should c your wireless adapter there on the left hand side there should be an option to refresh the net work , do so then it should find your router just connect to it , once it says connected ur on .
if you need more help let me know ok
regards biffo