"confused.com" you bet i am



i know the au as gone on most cards i have a atmega that i can't seem to get latest rst to work
i have dug out the original card DNASPO11 REV BOC
is this a locked card

i have a infinity usb unlimited programmer
i have the ird and bk numbers
i'm in telewest area using a 1000t box.

what i have tried is
atmega card
flash = toxic 7bTW
int = RST file from download section 17-11-05
ext = toxic7 bin using my bk and ird

any help please.....
read through that thread but i can't seem to read a card from my prgrammer in nagra edit
i need to get an image then add my info to it save then write to my card
when makin your exteep enter latest key 0 and 1 click your area and save. then write to ext eep . then load and write the 7bTW toxic file to your flash .. nothin goes in int eep..