complete android noob ,whats what here then


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Oct 22, 2005
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ok so ive won a htc desire,cant say im liking the touch screen malarky but ill give it a go,ok ive read about rooting and such but is it worth it really
also can i have separate ringtones for each caller

never used owt like one of these before so its all new to me,im sorta used to my old sony c905

but all input appreciated
I wouldn't worry about rooting your phone until there's something you want that requires it. You can get a lot out of your phone without rooting.
cheers guys,ive had a good old play with it today and while there a lot to like about it ive a few major issues with it

1 is there any way to have differant ringtones for each number-my mp3 track not the rubbish thats pre loaded

2 is there an app that helps with the camera,using the standard one to take pics they all come out blurry and out of focus and well generally shit

3 can you only have the 1 map loaded into copilot at once,i put the one for my local area in,and wanted to add one for blackpool too but couldnt find anyware that let me add another

4 is rooting it the only way to put apps on sd card

cheers guys-as much as im liking the phone im way too used to having individual ring tones for each person-so i know wether to bother moving to answer it lol,and my last phone was a sony c905 so its sorta feeling like a huge step back on the camera
with copilot you can have the whole of UK map so not sure how comes you have the smaller areas unless its space.

right now rooting is only way to install to apps, but when the 2.2 update comes out this will enable it. Only if the developer alls it on the app though. im not sure about 2 other questions, some people use fx camera but im not sure if that sorts out the problems you have. i too get these problems and seems anying too.