Come on United!!! 1-0


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May 3, 2005
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United 1 - liverpool 0

What a result for us!!! Great win, the title is ours!!! Cant see chelsea catchin up now!! COME ON UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WIN!!!!!!!:)
get in what a result indeed lucky again though but who cares still 3 points :):)

ohh and btw chelsea can still catch us but if we do our own stuff the title is ours so we dont need to think about chelsea
Your win was nothing but jammy and u know it,but fair play you scored and we didnt,we battered you.

Mr P
i was netural because i want to go above liverpool and i dont like utd lol

so trust me this is comletely unbiased !!!

you lucky lucky lucky fookers, its like the opisite at arsenal we should win games and cant you guys should lose them and win....

well liverpool can have some heart you deserved to win that it was a good performance indeed against a good utd team.

but i wont lie we want 3rd and its still on lol now thanks utd

but hey its half time at arsenal we should be 2 up and its 0-0 anyone guess whats coming lol but the refs and linos have been alright.

i reckon you all should get down the bookies and put a late goal on for reading its like groud hog day but im not laughing lol
yah we were lucky but chelsea been as lucky if not luckier in the last few seasons about time we got a bit of luck. ya battered and battered us but our defense and keeper kept us in the game and took our chance at the end
i reckon you all should get down the bookies and put a late goal on for reading its like groud hog day but im not laughing lol

Thank god i dont listen to your predictions! 1-0 Arsenal.

NOw 2-0 Arsenal, hope you didnt go to the bookies!
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ffs should of been 8-1 arsenal you lot are right they need to take chances more and the late goal i knew was coming came we was just lucky we had 2 already lol

fabregas scored a cracker today lmao.... own goal like
Mugged by the Mancs again

A tail of 2 keepers
Van der Saar clears Crouch's effort.
Reina gives Ronaldo's free kick to O'Shea.

But what a performance, really enjoyable.
Dick Turpin wore a mask....but I guess thats life.

3rd or 4th in league makes no difference, at least not until Plattini has his way and cuts CL spots to 3.
wining is wining,ok wee might have be more than lucky but you can only make your own luck......still top looking good : colors1 : colors1 : colors1 :grab:
@ scott i have had a few glasses of wine and a few beers now so forgive me pal

but utd are the luckiest team on the planet you have more extra time than anyone of us put together, more penaltys (and i would put my house on it!!!!!) than any other team ever in the history of the league!!!! deffo in a season i remember nistelgayboy having 13 from the spot in one season = JOKE lmao!!!!!!

i have never seen a team that surrounds the ref and no red cards are ever shown like utd... (actually chelsea now... hmmm peter kenyon pops in mind)

i have never seen so many decissions go the way of utd

but after all that good on ya if you dont win the prem this season i will pull all my hair out.... i will be banging your drum all the way to the last match!!!!!...... please im begging lol dont let chelsea come back!!!

i can put up with utds extra time and penaltys i can take your stupid drunk manager talking shite and jumping on the touchline like a old man thats lost his dog and probably killed the dog while drunk lol

what i cannot take anymore is them fooking west london toss pots talking like they deserve to be where they are... like they even have a history what 2 seasons and they are great

It's not over just yet the Mancs still have a few hard games to win yet and us "west London toss pots" .. lol .. wont give up to easy

If we win our games in hand and beat United at stamford bridge then the gap is 3 points, Bolton is a hard game in anyone's book so is Blackburn and Everton and the Manchester derby ? Man City have a good record in that .. come on City lol :)

Heres their run in

17 Mar Man United Vs Bolton 12:45

31 Mar Man United Vs Blackburn 15:00

April 2007

07 Apr Portsmouth Vs Man United 17:15

10 Apr Man United Vs Sheffield United 20:00

15 Apr Chelsea Vs Man United 13:30

21 Apr Man United Vs Middlsbro 15:00

28 Apr Everton Vs Man United 12:00

May 2007

05 May Man City Vs Man United 15:00

13 May Man United Vs West Ham 15:00

As I said I don't think it's over just yet
yeah and you come to the emerates near the end of the season.... and it wont be the kids you will be playing lol!

should have van persy, henry, adebayer fit (fingers crossed!)

and you saw what we can do with our second team ;)
lol yeah thats gonna be our crunch game m8 it could all rest on that one I reckon that will be a belter either way ? but after all these years I can't believe you are really rooting for the Mancs ? come on lmao ;)
bronto i still give my digs at the mancs but anyone in world football hates moriniho he is an idiot (good manager no doubt) but a total cock lol

if you would of done it with ranyari (fook spelling that lol) i would not be like this

take yourself out of your blue shirt and listen to him, i am the special one lol, watching to many movies

i would be the special one with 400 million on the pitch m8y, would like to see what he could do with a team like everton or manchester city... wonder how many titles he would have with there budget (no offence to fans)

so no m8y i will be a manc fan and i dont think you will catch them pal.... even before the arsenal match, i think man utd have that luck you also need to win the prem.

looking forward to our game with you with a stronger team out there and gallas along side toure and fook the 50 pence piece head senderos off to some norwegan league or portsmouth they will have anything we dont.
I can defo see why people hate Mourhino but I honestly think he has been getting better lately giving good comments and praise to other teams/players when they have played well where as before he would say some shit about them, he even praised Arsenal the other day and said what a great coach Wenger was and didn't think Abydyor (spelling lol) should have gone off (don't know if you heard it ?) I really think he is still learning our English mentality and misjudged it badly before but I have to say if I wasn't a Chelsea fan I would of hated him to lol but at this point in time I really hope he stays cos I think he's the best manager (for us) at this time and he's football vision, hate him or not is very good,

I hope when we come to the Emirates that both teams are at full strength as I said it should be a belter .. without the handbags this time lol
yeah he gave us credit because we was the better footbaling side for most of the match... if we would of played henry or van persy would of been fit it could of been another story i admire wenger sticking with the kids but it might of been a mistake i dunno (huge experiance though ;)).

taking nothing away from drogba he was class even though the first goal was offside lol and the same linesman gave adebayer offside when he was onside one on one with cech and the same linesman got adebayer sent off when it was eboue, im not sore or nothing lmao

we are a bit toothless infront of goal at the mo and everyone knows henry when he is at his best is the best, shame he has had such a bad season really not like him.
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