Combing 2 network connections


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Jul 20, 2005
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I currently have cable internet and have recently got my talktalk internet connection activated.

Is there a way to combine both the internet connections?

My cable internet is running through a D-Link wireless router and I have the original adsl moden talktalk gave me.

Can both be combined to get a faster speed?

You need a fairly sophisticated router to do this. Your standard broadband router can't do it. You need a professional multiport router i.e. one with additional router ports ( not switch ports). Alternatively you could use a software router on a Linux box with three ethernet ports.

I think that what I am saying is, yes it's possible, but at a price.

have a search for dual wan router m8 , around the £100-£120 mark

Dual wan router is the way to go, they might be expensive but are worth it for a seamless connection.
There's software available if you have more than one nic in your PC but its a pain in the ass.

Im running 2 clones and a subbed modem on a 7WAN router, getting 27Mbps from usenet. 730MB divx downloads in around 4 minutes with 3 modems, web pages, especially those with lots of graphics load quicker.
I am really curious to know how you have set up your config and how you manage to stop the ISP from detecting the 'huge' river running to your house. I have the the TV and broadband with the CC and was hoping to keep my subbed modem active with the original broadband set up and attaching the cloned modem to the TV feed and trying to find a way of possible connecting the two modems togather if that is possible. What is your router called if you dont mid me asking?
Its not a "huge river" of data flowing into my house, I might download 4 or 5 films per week, that's less than 5Gb divided between 3 modems.
What it does mean though, is when I want a film I get it in minutes instead of hanging around.

I'm using a Linksys RV016 10/100 16-Port VPN Router,

I've got a dual wan router in the private sales section, been on there for ages but cant be arsed ebaying it.
Simple Dual WAN routers are ok for identical connections but tend to be a problem if one connection is faster than the other. In this case you really need something a little more sophisticated with load balancing etc.

You'll also likely find that having multiple connections doesn't necessarily speed up a single download, especially if that connection is http based. For any speedup you would need a protocol that can support the requesting of out of sequence chunks.
I find that using Download accelerator program will increase the speed of http based downloads, assuming the site will let you use the program.
Thanks for the advice.

Its never easy is it!