Coleman out as Sanchez takes over

Thought is was little harsh to get rid of Coleman at this stage especially i for one rate C Coleman he has done well considering his budget!!!
hope Lawrie Sanchez dosnt go as iam from northern ireland but it looks like hes on his way first signing will be healy
Fulham coach Dave Beasant was told he was sacked at 11pm on Tuesday only to receive a phone call from new caretaker boss Lawrie Sanchez half an hour later telling he was reinstated.
I heard Dave Beasant was instrumental in Fulham appointing Sanchez (Read Backstabber). They were team-mates at Wimbledon in the late 80's...
its a shame about chris i think hes an up and comming good young manager , i just thought he had limited resourses @ fulham
What does a team do with 5 gamez to go & a new coach, not much unless you've got Red-nap. Thing is most of the middle of the table teams have got better or certainly got more defensive. If you look at the bottom 5 five teams on the table they have the worst defense record. On the other hand when I see them play they look to have a positive will of wanting to win apart from West ham most of the season.
Anyway it seem like Fulham may just drop in that bottom three, oh well.