Code For £20 Off £50 Spend At Screwfix


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Sep 8, 2006
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CODE: PR0020


This is the info i have m8, hope it helps.

£20 discount at Screwfix

Code: PR0020

Discount: £20

Minimum Spend: £50.00

Instructions: Discount is visible in your account at where the £20 IS deducted (thanks scottc!). Thanks to teeandrew @ MSE for the code.
it does work!!!!!!!!!! i ordered £50.01 worth of stuff and got it for £30.01!!! on the final CONFIRMATION page it says on the right hand side 3/4 of the way down the page to enter the code in the special instructions box! at first it went thru at £50.01 so i e mailed them and i got this reply.....

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm the £20 ‘Peel & Reveal’ promotional voucher has been deducted from your order and this will reflect on your invoice. Unfortunately, the email confirmation you have received is incorrect as the voucher is removed after the order has been input onto our system. The total amount charged to your card is £30.01. I am sorry for any confusion caused.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact us.


Angela Loader

Customer Services

sorted! cheers pasco50! ;0)
nice 1, ordered £51.47 worth of door handles on friday. got email today stating i have been billed £31.47.

Many thanx
What is the "security code" please

I can't seem to get this voucher toi work. The checkout page also asks for (mandatory) SECURITY well as the Voucher ID.

What should be entered apart from the voucher ID?

your clicking the voucher button as a payment option.(its for gift vouchers that are given to you in cards etc)

just go thru the checkout process and when you get to the review order page add the code in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box.
can it be used once??? or can you use it again to be delivered to same address to a different family member??