cloning and uncappig ?

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Oct 6, 2004
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hello folks - i just got a sb4100i off a car booty , it works , ive read all the tuts etc got a good idea of what to do BUT !!! wots best to do clone it to a 4/10 meg connection or clone it an uncap it , basically will i get on to me if i clone or uncap it ????
what evers fastest.
I just would like to know how much you paid for it.
They seem to go for up to 50 quid on ebay.
i missed one for i think 20 dollars. I'm sure you can change it to work here.
i have'nt done one,but i've read everything there is.
It does'nt matter what mac you use.(high or mid etc)
then you tell it the config file you want and that it.
i got three sb5100.
they were quite cheap compaired to 4****'s but had to fork out for a blackcat!