cloned moto with 120 mac ok all day.


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Mar 30, 2005
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All these theories about what's happening with the ambits.
Couldn't get on with sigma go i just put a high 120 mac on my sb5100e and it's been on all day with no real problem.
It's not that fast 1.5mb best but it doesn't get kicked off.
It does seem a bit jerky at the moment. Not sure if thats the modem or me pc yet?
Just thought i'd let you's know to add to the confusion???

I've soldered a bit of a ribbone cable to the pin header and another header to the end of that.
then you can put the pcb back inside the modem and mess with frimware when ever you feel like it.
Can someone who's got thiers going with sigma in a docsis and a euro docsis do a complete flash.
It's so much easyer. Just put the file in the wrte all let it do its stuff and its all done.
No messing with bios and firmware and bootloader.
i got a complete sb5100e i'll put up for starters.