clone dm800 audio distortion


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Sep 23, 2005
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Hi, just got a brand new dm800 and it workd great apart from audio distortion when viewing through scart lead. although the sound is my normal listening volume it sounds like when you have your speaker volume maxed out and you're getting that vibration, or whatever it is. I haven't tried the hdmi lead as i dont have one at the moment but if i use rgb leads with the scart adapter on the end the audio is as it should be.
I have tried 3 known working scart leads of which 2 are a decent quality, tried both scart connections on the tv, flashed the image a couple of times but its still the same. I will be using a hdmi leads when it comes but if the box should work with good audio on scart lead i dont want to be paying for something that aint working as it should. Any thoughts at what the problem could be?