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Mar 3, 2005
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hi guys i recently downloaded cinema craft sp, after using tmpgenc for quite a few dvds, i got quite tired of waiitng over 5 hours for my 700mb avi file to convert to mpeg 2. i read about cce sp and have heard that it's quite an amazing encoder, with suberb results, it's also reputably faster lol. the only problem is it isn't very user friendly. i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to get started with it as ive searched everywhere for an easy to use guidel but can't seem to find anything.
Try here loads of info and Tutorials. CCE is much faster than TMPGenc, but to really use to the full you need to learn AViscripting language, if you want to change pal to NTSC etc.

A full working version of CCE SP also costs $2000, consequently most vers available are warez and can give probs. I use Mainconcept encoder quite easy and fast.
If its speed you want converting wise I'd recommend WinAVI mate, encodes most files to DVD in a good 30 minutes
Compare the output of a full encoder like CCE, with something like WinAvi and you will soon see the difference.
CCE is the tits man :)
best way to rip is to use RipIt4Me
its like a n00b proof all in 1 ripper, dead easy to use and gets real tasty results ;)