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If you email me source code I can prepare distributable setup for "world of digital" users so users won't get any error messages like on of the user had problem with comdlg32.ocx.

Also I would like to make some changes to the dbox command software, e.g. include help, tooltips,etc.

I would be very happy to work on it if you dont have any problem.


Got your PM, but it wouldnt let me reply? So I've posted it here instead...

Its a great idea, and you're more than welcome to the source code :) It will solve alot of hassle with members complaining about missing files.

Here are a few of the problems which are known so far:

* Windows 98 users: ((both of the above))
* Flash an image: Sometimes the image does not get sent, although "success" message is still displayed?
* User Interface: sometimes one or more of the panels get disabled (Panel1.Disabled = True), but there is no coding to make the panels disable?

Actually the whole interface could do with a bit of updating and rearranging to make more user friendly. The whole base of the program is there and you are free to change it as you wish.

I'd love to see what you can do to the program, so keep me informed :)
The entire project was written in VB6, if you need VB then you'll find it on one of the p2p networks its about 485MB.


OK.... it doesnt look like it uploaded the files :confused: Give me an email address and i'll send them through that (2.3MB)

Also applies to anybody else, if you want copies of source code for DBOX Command Centre 1.0 then let me know. Version 2.0 source code will not be released until the project is fully completed and ready for public use.

More details about DBOX Command Centre 2.0 can be found below, I've just updated the post :)


DBOX Command Centre 2.0

Just thought I'd tell you guys here that are STILL WAITING, DBOX Command Centre 2.0, the latest and most enhanced all-in-one solution which I have been working on, will STILL be delayed for about another month, maybe slightly longer.

If cheecs would continue to work on version 1.0 (source code above) then you should have no problems using that software until I release 2.0

At present, version 2.0 contains the following features:

Menu Navigation - The Menu system allows Windows users 'point and click' access to all of 2.0's features. There are different features available depending on your user ability - newbie, advanced, or power user.

Image Flashing - your image can now be flashed via several methods. Firstly, there is the usual FTP method. This has now been improved to accept TELNET commands; meaning that you do not need to press any button on your remote control - the process is completely automated! You can also use the newly designed 'kein system booter' which is a clone of IFA and is very similar in use. UPDATE: You can now also flash using JUST a null modem cable, no ethernet cable required (takes time! yawn...)

Upload Services/Bouquets - A handy wizard to upload your channel information - give it your services.xml and bouquets.xml files and it will upload them to the box for you; no need to worry about where they go. A planned feature is to VALIDATE both files before uploading to the box, ensuring that corrupted files are not sent to your DBOX.

1-step backup and restore - Allows you to backup all your image or just a selection of the data it contains (for example, settings for a certain item, etc) It also includes the restore function which will put the information back onto the box in the exact same place as it was originally. An example use of this feature is to backup your recording settings before you change them. If the new settings do not work then simply run the restore wizard. No need for a reflash or even a restart of the box.

Built-in FTP browser - DBOX Command Centre now has a built-in FTP browser. This could eliminate the need for 3rd party FTP software. It is specifically designed for the DBOX so all you need to do is put in your IP address and you're away - no more messing about with usernames and passwords. It has a simple to use interface and extensive error support. It now also has a complete icon database, which recognises not only file types, but whole files, and assigns the appropriate icon. This helps make the program user-friendly.

Plugin Uploader/Configurator - If you have a plugin or a game which you need on the box then you can use this wizard to transfer it. The wizard only requires your .SO file and not a .CFG file. It also allows you to specify the name of the plugin which will appear on the Feature Menu of the DBOX; so for example if you upload a game called 'Hertzweigneramme' then you could use the wizard to put the name 'Tic Tac Toe' in the DBOX menu - alot easier to recognize and understand. The wizard can also build up a CFG file for you and can create .CONF files (depending on the plugin). The wizard recognizes all of the plugins on this site and can be updated online to recognize new plugins as they are released. An example use for this is TuxMail, whereby the wizard can configure your email settings before uploading to the box.

Diagnostic Boot Log Generator - Connect a null modem cable to your PC and DBOX and this utility will output you a clean bootlog. It functions exactly the same as HyperTerminal but allows you to save the log as a text file, which is handy for uploading as an attachment on the forums if a bootlog is required. It will now support 'processing' after the file is saved, and can highlight known problems in your boot log; effectively providing you with an explanation of why your box isnt working too good.

NFS File Server - Some people have problems (for some reason) setting up shared folders on their computers. With this feature, you simply need to run the program and you're away. You tell the program what files you want shared, and it does all the work by itself. NFS shares appear to be better than CIFS shares, as they sometimes get rid of the 'directory is write protected' message when attempting to use direct file recording.

Automatic/Silent Web Update - I can only fix bugs and errors when they are found and reported. When I receive information I do my best to rectify the problem. But its not good to keep re-releasing the whole program just to fix a few errors. The Web update feature will allow certain portions of the program to be silently updated and fixed. The Web Update feature will also be used for adding new features, etc.

Watch TV on your PC - Similar to TuxVision and BitControl. I have taken ideas from both programs and combined them into one. It will be in the style of 'Windows Media Centre Edition 2005'.

Reliable Recording Server - Just like DBOXWinServer, etc. I have tried a few recording server programs and didnt really find any of them to be reliable or stable. I aim to create a reliable recording server, although this may take some time to complete, and probably wont be included in the initial release. This is where the web update feature comes in ;-)

Boot image from PC Hard Drive - No need to flash, no need to modify your DBOX. This little feature will allow you to boot an image DIRECTLY FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE via the network. This can be handy for people with DBOXes who have faulty flash chips for example. You can also use this feature to TEST out new images, before flashing them permanently to the box.

and more...

I have loads of stuff to include in the release, in fact I've just started to get HOME AUTOMATION working - I can now use my DBOX to turn on the lights in the kitchen... very cool :)







(Screenshots of DBC2.0)


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Oct 3, 2005
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this looks great. I didn't get on with the first version but I can't wait for this one. I will say one thing my biggest bug bear with the first was that there was no confirmation that the devie (dbox) was actually connected properly. I don't know if this means anything but I thought that you might like the feedback. Anyway keep up the great work.




thanks for the feedback, perhaps cheecs can do something about that. i didnt actually like the 1st version myself - i wanted it better but never got round to it. and thats why v2.0 is being built :)