Cheap Wii Games in Comet


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Jun 30, 2007
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Getting sunburnt in SoCal
Well summer hols here and Im still stuck in Surrey :( At least the most busiest period of this project is over, and I can actually log into this site now :banana:

Anyways, Im always on the lookout for cheap wii games, and for those who aint got a chipped wii or fancy a change by buying the original, check out comet, they got a few decent games going cheap. With summer hols approaching, hopefully this would help keep them busy!

Ive just reserved online/ordered Zack and Wiki for £14.99. Cheapest other one Ive seen is about 25notes. I check usual sites and all have given this an excellent review.

Also there is paper mario for £14.99 as well.

They also got Sega Wii Nights: Journey of Dreams for £4.99. Blasted thing wont let me reserve for instore pickup and I aint paying no £5.95 for stupid delivery charge. Im hoping they got it instore when I go pick up Zack and Wii.