channels gone


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Nov 8, 2005
i have only had this box just over a week the guy i bought it off said it up dates it self i wasnt sure it would as i thought it should of came with a tit 2 card but it came with a card which says fun card 4 prussian galaxy 2 on it i told the guy that dont seem right but he promise it did update what could i do he had my money well i dont think it do as chaennls have gone off only got channels 1 to 4 now all the rest are blank so do i need to get card done i need help i am a newbbie well this what happens when i turn it on

1 - Switched box on.

TV shows update screen
2 - Display shows "pace"

3 - Display showa "tune"

4 - displays ntl

5 - displays pat

6- Display then goes through the number cycle with all three led's cycling at same time.

5 - After number cycle display shows "Pdld"

6 - Display shows 600t for a second

7 - Display goes blank then goes to channel number.

TV now showing the starting box

channels 1 to4 ok the rest are all black


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Mar 11, 2005
Really think you should have looked here before postig that mate everyone is in the same boat with the cards dropping out,it also seems like your box is trying to update its software to the latest revision,thats what all of the numbers flashing up etc is.
Take alook here re the current problems