channel is currently unavalible on a rom10 mosc?


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Jun 8, 2005
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sorry if i have posted this in wrong section but have tw changed keys? as im getting the channel is currently unavalibe on a rom10 mosc? im not sure if i have the lastest keys.

Just Done Mine For The First Time,what I Found Is Turn Off Ntl Box Put Card In And Switch It On Leave It For 5 Mins
tryed that mate still cant view any other channels only 1-5 and itv2, (not subcribed error) think it might be because im not useing the latest tw keys.

anyone got a working tw rom10 mosc image?
I am still using the one from the downloads section and it is working, check in the eng menu page 7 see card status then do a warm boot from page 10, should update ok, no need to input new keys
card status - please wait

ippv status - n/a

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