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Thanks folks.

I am not allowed to download from this forum and the two attempts at searching and downloading from the internet have resulted in malware.

I might have to buy the premium membership :)
Magic manic :)


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As Monkey mentions you need to open the full dump from the openbox not just the channel dump otherwise it will not work.

It does work but remember when its re-uploaded it also uploads the firmware from the full dump and cannot be added to a new firmware.

I found that if you are going to use this program, then do a full dump from your existing box, use setedit to get all your channels in order, then re upload.

Then when you need to update your firmware, back up your channel list using the 'misc file' dump TP_PROG.dbs , update the firmware then reupload TP_PROG.dbs.

Hi, I have downloaded Setedit from another location but when I try to open the full image file ( 4096 kb )
I still get "error loading file" . Could it be the setedit version or do I have to open it in a specific way?

I need a good editor for re-arranging regional programs
hello has anyone got the license key for setedit hd100 thanks
hi i need an editor for the openbox which one can i use thanks
Re: Solomend 800HD pvr

You can use the remote control
Re: Solomend 800HD pvr

I have an openbox S9. So frustrating. Cannot save more than 5000 channels.
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has Aj stopped doing channel lists guys
Hi everyone, it's possible to change the sound on channel edit? I would like to change the sound "W3C" to "MP4"
Thank you