Channel 5 Has gone.....


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Dec 9, 2005
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Can somone please tell me where Channel 5 gone.
I have used Gavs img and it worked fine untill 4 days back so i then used the cryo sportster pro 1.02 ultra 1.4b img and it is the same no channel 5.
I use my old services.xml file and boutiets fils but still it has gone.

Can anyone explain why it has disapeared as i really would like it back.

many thanks or i found out today i am not the only one this has happened

Many thanks
Five's details have changed in many areas. You will need to do a new scan for it.
Yep changed transponder.
In Belfast area its now on
SID 1fa5
Service 01
TSID 0051
ONID 0031
FEQ 379000000
Stmbol 6887000

In case you or someone else is in Belfast area:)
Many thanks

Chaps your right a quick scan brought the channel back in line.

Many thanks for your help.

Yea mine went off! Also Belfast area but just rescan and it should come back on!