changing schools for teens


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Oct 1, 2005
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Black Country
need some advice folks.
My teenage twin daughters are going through hell at school with threats/bullys etc have been in there numerous times to try and get it sorted but **** all changes.
they went to a high school near home rather then the ones that all their junior school friends went to.
Now because my kids are home birds who never go out after school or weekends (There own choice)they are picked on by the other girls/boys who from what i gather are all drinking,smoking little shits.
so does anyone know the procedure to change schools before it gets worse.
doesn't help that most of the teachers there are not much older then themselves.
ps the other school is only about a mile away.
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I suppose the first thing to do is call the other school and see if they have any places available. If they do, they should be able to tell you what you need to do.

Best of luck :)
I suppose the first thing to do is call the other school and see if they have any places available. If they do, they should be able to tell you what you need to do.

I agree with Evastar, find out if the other school will take them, they will be happier with people they know.

One of our friends boy was in a similar position they moved him and it was the best thing they have done for him, and if the school will not help they can not be up to much so get out before it get worse.
you need to contact the school you want to put them in and they will then contact the current school for a referance. Also o believe you need to contact the school bourgh for the transfer application form too
they are picked on by the other girls/boys who from what i gather are all drinking,smoking little shits.

these are the same little foookers who'll be causin havoc on our streets in a few years the bloody idiots!!

anyways as mentioned your best bet is to ring up the other school and see whether they have spaces and take it from there.... there's approx 6 weeks of school left now so jus outta interest would you/the girls want to change asap or in september when the new yr starts? just my inkling that if they had spaces, would take 2-3 weeks or so to get everything sorted i.e. paperwork, meeting with current & new school etc and i think both schools may suggest that they hang in till the summer hols and start fresh in september......

hope it all works out m8...
I did this with my son 15 years ago.

Had to take him to see the head master of the new school.
He told me that the only availability was in the dummys class, so I decided to accept that to get him in the school, and then I would get him into a higher class.
However I had to take my son to meet the head and as he said all the right things they did find a place in a class at his level.

My advice.
Get them out of that school asap.
We just moved out of area from where my daughter went to school because of being a shite/problem school.

My wife got in touch with local education department who sent us some forms to fill in for which school prefrence we wanted, we returned forms back and nearly a month later got confirmation letter from school which we put down for first choice, we then contacted new school for appointment to go see woman who deals with admission's and she started a week after that.

Only thing is on forms from education if it was due to bullying im sure it asked for evidence(proof you have contacted school about problem eg letters, calls..).

Another thing is we tried contacting new school when we decided to move but other school could not say if she would be allowed in or not as it was down to education dept to decide if child could go to that school or placed in another, but if you have family in the other school it can help with getting your kids in to the one your after.

When changing schools the new school needs an id number which is same throughout school but has to get it from old school, without this the new school cant accept new starter so if old school drags their heals like they did with us our daughter was home for some time before she got in but new school has to contact the previous school for id number.

Hope some of this may help mate and hope you get sorted soon as not nice seeing your kids coming home unhappy and having a school who wont deal with the problem, good luck mate
Sorry to hear about your daughters m8. I had the same problem with my daughter getting bullied by so called friends. Fortunately she has now left that school now and hopefully left all that behind her.I know its a worry for you and your family so try and sort it out now. Go to the school you want your daughters to go to and ask as many questions as you can remember it is your daughters futures at stake.I wish you the very best of luck and I hope you get it sorted.Keep us informed.
Thanks for the advice folks.
Just got back from the school again and looks like they are staying for a bit because they have just took their options about what lessons they will be doing and upcoming exams. the daughter has been given a time out pass so she can basicaly just walk out of lessons if they start on her and she may move into the same class as her sister (something they both didn't want at the start of school so they could make different friends).
amazing what schools will do when you show them the Police forms from earlier incidents which they knew about anyway.
Once again thanks for all the replys
sorry to hear this mate,kids can be so cruel :( really hope things work out for them :)
Contact your local council, and ask to speak someone in the local education authority.

Explain the situation, the fact that you have exhausted the procedural channels for resolving the problem, and that you and more importantly your daughters have lost faith in the teaching faculty at that school.

Explain that your children have a right to be educated without being bullied, and that you wish to change to schools to address this. Get advice on what to do.

Explain that you are keeping logs of all events and get the persons name.
Hope things get better but just in case, I believe you need to speak to the local education authority as they are the ones who place students, not the schools. At the school where I am a governor we have been told to take on a new student even though the class size was already 32, didn't have any choice.