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Change hot water tap washer on bathroom tap

Discussion in 'General DIY and Home Appliances' started by fus10n, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. fus10n

    fus10n Member

    Hey, can anyone advise how I do this? I don't think there is a valve on the hot water tap to turn it off in the bathroom, not that i can see anyway, so how would i stop the water? I have a condenser heating system so could I not find the valve that turn the hot water off on that?

  2. wiz569

    wiz569 VIP Member

    If you have a hot press with a copper cylinder then turn off the supply to the cylinder,usually a valve on the copper pipe feeding it, that will in turn,turn off the hot water supply
  3. smoggie

    smoggie VIP Member

    just turn off the water supply at the main stop cock that enters the property
  4. miggy

    miggy VIP Member

    And run the problem tap until the water stops flowing and that's it. Good post [MENTION=45984]smoggie[/MENTION] great advice.
  5. trevortron

    trevortron VIP Member

    Last time I tried that the stop-cock was seized solid- I don't think it had been touched for 20 years! THEN I discovered the main feed to the house was lead. I don't live there any more.
  6. wiz569

    wiz569 VIP Member

    Except that will also turn off all the water to the house and in turn may cause airlocks when its turned back on :(

    If possible always try to isolate the problem area rather then the whole house
  7. miggy

    miggy VIP Member

    Without isolator valves wiz the guy has a major problem and no option but to drain that tap. :(
  8. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    Stuff the tap for now, make sure you can get access to a stop cock of some sort. You'll think so if you get a frozen burst pipe this winter. You'll be able to charge the kids to ice skate in your living room
  9. wiz569

    wiz569 VIP Member

    He asked how to turn off the hot water to the bathroom,I gave him advice,there should be valves either at the cylinder/hot press or at the combi boiler,he shouldnt need to turn off the main water to the house,

    Yes it can be easier even handier at times but it can also cause problems,but sure what would I know,its not like I'm a plumber or anything :D
  10. fus10n

    fus10n Member

    Theer are plenty valves under the heating system and some pipes go up the way, some are hot so those are my radiators ones. I could find which one by running the hotwater and seeing which ones of the other goes hot when my heating is off?
  11. wiz569

    wiz569 VIP Member

    Is it a combi boiler or system boiler you have m8?

    And yes if you can trace which pipe gets hot when you turn on the hot tap in question you may find a valve to isolate it,failing that you may need to isolate the cold feed to the boiler if it is a combi.
  12. fus10n

    fus10n Member

    Its a combi, and all the others APART from the hot water pipe have an valve to turn it off! So i think it looks like i will have to turn of the cold water feed to the system!
  13. wiz569

    wiz569 VIP Member

    Thats a shame :(
    Just turn off the supply to the combi so,and make sure boiler is off

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