Celtic game wed night!


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Sep 19, 2005
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Anyone know if I will be able to watch the Celtic v AC milan game on my dbox2? Ive been told it will be on Sky Sports Extra which I have in my bouqet, obviously i just dont have the interactive part.

Ive also noticed that it is on Setanta Ireland (which i dont have lol). Is it possible for me to pick this up if I go into the set my location menu and change it to Dublin?

Bit of a long shot but worth a try....

Thanks for any help guys!
at the mo sky sports 3 are advertising it but its not on ss3 either it says ss2 from 7pm along with the others

might have to watch the replays

you would of thought it would be on the celtic channel though strange one!
Its one of the press the red button jobbies which means not being able to watch it unless you got Slky

Pretty pants this is. The exact same thing happened the last time there were two english clubs on the Wednesday night. The two english games get precendent… crap crap crap. I would have said the Celtic vs Milan tie was more of a bigger game than Manu vs Lille or Arsenal vs PSV.

Aww well suppose this will force me to go to the pub.... dammit...;-)
will have to be the pub again to watch it........yippee
It's ok you can all watch the rangers game tomorrow
mmmm no thanks

No thanks fozzieB - I'd rather stay in the pub or pull my nasal hair out with a pair of hot pliers than watch that mince tomorrow - LOL
LOL, i might join you, last two seasons have been a joke
Its a Joke! Celtic are a far bigger club than Arsenal and while i wont say the same about Man Utd that game is dead! bottom line more fans would want to watch Celtic V Milan but again its another tactic to move ppl from Cable to Sky
there is no comparison in terms of fan base celtic miles ahead of arsenal and in terms of history and heritage if we played in the prem we would be a far bigger club
celtic tv couldn't show the game as wednesday night champions league is exclusive to sky. This allows tuesday games to be fought over by terrestrial.

I'm sure celtictv will showa re run of the full game though.
Shame i never saw this on wednesday night, poor me saw the game live on internet ;) and it was the sky red jobbie coverage we got. Quality was ok but I did bolt to sky 2 when extra time started.

The bhoys done us proud.
Where and what app did you use to get the game on the internet?

jolly 1981 did you watch the celtic game sunday afternoon that was a good one bouncy, bouncy,bouncy,bouncy