CCTV System ?


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May 2, 2005
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The Moon
Looking to get one and seen this one at Amazon but is it any good ?

Question is can i use a wireless mouse and a home plug for wifi connection to the rj45 socket on the back of the recorder box as wanting to hide the recorder box out the way ?
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Seems ok for the price, checkout the lower reviews...
My only concern is the signal strength between camera and NVR, every building is different on thickness of walls...
I would say you could use the wireless mouse. My reasoning is that my old Pi allows me to use both a wireless mouse and keyboard. The wireless dongle as far as I can tell just replicates the signals a wired one would provide.

However in terms of quality, I’m unsure if it would be any good or not.
My CCTV runs of my NAS so that could be another option if you have a NAS.
Forgot to say I use a Wireless Mouse on it and it works fine.
CCTV systems manufactured by Swann and Annke are well known brand names, srvice support and generally good specs for the budget price.
I would recommend a minimum of 3MP resolution for a decent night time picture and consider installing an infrared spotlight as well.