CBR600F 2011 ECU Electronic Fault


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Sep 20, 2003
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Anybody know their electronics - your help/guidance will be very much appreciated,

I have an issue with the ECM model number (38770-MGM-D11) on my Honda CBR600F motorcycle.

After comprehensive testing I have concluded, on the black 32 pin connector at the back of the ECM unit (pin 3) which is the coil driver for the left hand side that controls spark coils/plugs 2&3 is short/not working which needs replacing.

I have not tried opening the unit as I understand it is full of silicon compound and I do not want to damage it further.

Can anyone help repair this for me, please or guide me how I should go about fixing it. I need to pinpoint the faulty chip and then replace it (hopefully we can use the good driver for coil 1&4 to compare resistance).

Any help/advice will be very much appreciated.