Caught on camera..Grandmother batters raiders with broom.


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Jul 30, 2006
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Good on her...give that woman an award.

Video here

Armed with claw hammers, two hooded youths walk brazenly into a convenience store for an early morning robbery.
But as these astonishing CCTV images show, they hadn't reckoned on bumping into shop assistant Ann Withers - who brushed away their violent crime using a broom.
The brave 55-year-old grandmother grabbed her weapon of choice and battered the hooded duo into submission, forcing them to flee empty-handed.
Captured on the shop's security system, the pictures show the men walking in and demanding money just after its 6am opening.
They immediately attack shop owner Guljinder Hayer, viciously beating him about the head as he tries to fend them off with a stool.
Meanwhile, Mrs Withers, who stands 5ft 5ins tall, runs and picks up the broom and launches her counter attack.
Yesterday she recalled her moment of victory against the two men, believed to be in their 20s, who had tried to over-power her boss.
She said: 'They turned pale and ran away as soon as I started hitting them with the broom.
'They weren't going to get anything out of this shop.
'I was livid because I'm the type of person who can't stand people like that.
'It was horrific the way they were hitting Guljinder round the head with the hammer. I was just waiting for the right time to grab the broom and take them on.
'How dare they come in and try to steal money? If you want money you have to go out and earn it like everybody else.'
She warned: 'If they ever come back it won't be a broom, it will be a baseball bat that I'm hitting them with.'
Grandmother-of-three Mrs Withers and Mr Hayer had just opened the Premier news and convenience store in Worle, north Somerset, when then men stormed into the shop screaming 'Give us your f***ing money'.
Mrs Withers escaped uninjured but Guljinder was treated by paramedics for cuts and bruises.
He feared he would be murdered by the gang and says the mother-of-two saved his life.
'Ann is a real hero,' he said. 'She was throwing the broom towards them to get them off me. She really saved the day.
'I would have been outnumbered so having Ann there was the difference between life and death.
'It was proper horrific stuff when they were swinging the hammer at me. It was terrifying. I was shaking. I was putting my hands up and he was hitting me with the hammer.
'I really feared for my life. I'm more scared now when I watch the CCTV back and I think what could have happened.
'Adrenaline was pumping when they came in and I just ran at them to try to get them away.'
Police believe the attackers had struck at two other shops in the area earlier on Monday morning in attempted robberies.
Detective Inspector Leanne Pook of Weston-super-Mare CID said: 'The lady and gentleman have been very brave in this situation.
'They were dealing with people who were prepared to use violence and I can only encourage people to consider their personal safety and always call the police.'



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Jun 30, 2007
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Getting sunburnt in SoCal
tough woman! lets hope the robbers don't sue her for any pain they may of got. UK justice is slowly becoming as daft as the Americans!


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Jul 28, 2007
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North East England, but nowhere near Dutcho!!! Ba
Top old girl, well done.

But I must say, how thick were the robbers? Who in the right mind raids a small shop just as it opens? What are they going to get, a few cigs and the £20 float? LMFAO, thick as fook!!