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May 1, 2005
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hi guys got a strange 1 here i unlocked a card and progged it ok got all the channels inc ppv but the card was removed from the box without my knowledge with the power on so it locked the card. i managed to unlock the card again no prob re progged it with the saved image from last time but now i have no channels ive tried the ird both ways bk is 100% correct and the net id is correct for my area so im puzzled i even tried another tuner and another card with the same details but it keeps saying channels unavailable could be due to cable being unplugged any ideas
if you are excw try a funcard - to verify box details also check the eng menu for signal. also try the box with no card to see if you get fta channels.
i have had a pals rom11 image fail in ecxw recently.
ok m8 will do i noticed in the eng menu it said no t stream the origonal card that came out the box was a rom 10 and the second was a rom 11 so i wrote a rom 10 image to the 1st card and a rom 11 to the second but ill go and try the funcard now
please can someone post the link for the last working rst hex for ex/cw i havent had to do 1 for ages as card is still on but need to do another i put rst hex ex/cw in search section but dont come up with nothing cheers guys
benny59 said:
its not a card problem if you get no fta channels m8
i think if the card thats in the box has a failed image it forces the box to ch0. try taking the card out all together and check for fta channels as i said up top.
as benny59 says if you still get ch0 then you have to suspect the box.
ok boys will do i will take card out and post bk my findings whats fta by the way sorry to sound stupid
Hi All,

@clamdog FTA = Free To Air. But Hey I could be wrong.